Wine tasting courses used to be the preserve of tweedy folk.

You know who we mean; the sort of people who like to out-do others at the dinner table, or boast about a ‘cacophony of oak’ on the palate. Let us set out our stall: The School of Wine does not want you to become an insufferable wine ponce. We just want you to know more about the wine you already love suppin’ – so you can buy more of it, easily.

Learning a new skill usually has the potential to improve your life. But how you get taught – and who does the teaching – is really important too. That’s why the School of Wine was proudly founded by wine hero Kate Goodman and WSET qualified Ian Dogherty – and why both of us are dedicated to making learning about wine FUN. Not only do we know our Pinot from our Plonk; irreverence and having a laugh are right at the heart of what we do. We don’t give a hoot if you don’t know much about wine already; all you need to know is that you like wine. Ideally you’ll have so much fun quaffing delicious booze with The School of Wine, that you’ll learn about wine production by accident. Then, the next time you’re browsing the aisles, you can make a canny choice.


Brilliant Evening! Before tonight I was anti-wine but now I feel confident to try more and know what to look for. Looking forward to the champagne course.

Matthew Deacon, Manchester

Informative, exciting and above all fun. What a great evening!

Elizabeth Turnbull, Manchester